well-being & togetherness in a box

Enjoy hand chosen products aimed at making your home more inviting, providing peaceful, quiet, alone time, and connecting with family & friends. 

All while experiencing moments that take your breath away & make you sigh with contentment...That's Hygge!

My Hygge Joy is a subscription box that cultivates a lifestyle of coziness and belonging. 

Each box contains products which will

  • Inspire well-being
  • Create a cozy atmosphere 
  • Encourage activities with others 

Boxes are thoughtfully curated, designed to take ordinary daily moments and make them more meaningful. 

Boxes will always contain elements of Hygge, which are light, food & drink, soft fabrics, cozy home decor, self-care, and products to promote togetherness. 

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My Hygge Joy boxes are seasonally themed each month with products designed to indulge your senses and help you achieve a cozy lifestyle. Each box will include 4-6 perfectly sized items. Boxes may include bath & body items, candles or lights, home decor, books, games, and food & drink. 



Step 1

 Subscribe to My Hygge Joy box! 

Subscribe now to start receiving your My Hygge Joy boxes! Orders placed by the end of the month will ship out the first week of the following month.  

Step 2

Your My Hygge Joy box is created! 

We fill your My Hygge Joy box with monthly themed products for yourself, your home, and to share with others; aimed to create a cozy atmosphere and experience.   

Step 3

You receive your My Hygge Joy box! 

The first week of each month My Hygge Joy boxes will be shipped out and arrive on your doorstep. Open your box. Start using your products. Get your cozy on!   




Pamper the body and soul with products that allow you to relax and find peace of mind. 

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with items tailored toward making your surroundings comfortable. 

Nurture meaningful connections through activities which promote spending time in the company of family & friends.


Loosely translated the Danish word Hygge (hue-gah) means conscious cozy contentment. Time and again the Danish people have been known as the happiest in the world. Much of this happiness is attributed to their Hygge worldview. Our hope is our products will elevate your joy by helping you slow down, live in the moment, appreciate the good, and go out and live a cozy life!!